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Q: Are your moonwalks clean?

YES. We clean each and every moonwalk, table, chair, concession, etc. They are inflated or assembled, swept out, and sanitized after each and every rental. You can rest assured that we will deliver clean, dependable products every time you rent a moonwalk, inflatable, or other equipment from Angel Bouncers.

Q: Can you pick up the moonwalks?

Angel Bouncers prefers to deliver all products, so that we are able to place them in an area that allows children to play safely, and ensures that the product will not get damaged. Our prices include delivery, setup and pickup in our service area. Please call our office if you have any questions.

Q: Can we keep the moonwalk overnight?

Most parties are in the afternoon (between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM), so we usually schedule our deliveries prior to 12:00 noon, and pickup by 7:00 pm. If you are having a night party you may be able to keep your moonwalk rental overnight for an additional charge. Please call our office to discuss any delivery schedule issues.

Q: How much space do I need to have a moonwalk?

If you were to add 2 feet to every dimension shown on this website, you would have the right amount of space needed. For example a 13′ x 13′ moonwalk rental requires a 15′ x 15′ space. Remember to check overhead, too. Most moonwalks will be 17′ tall. So low-hanging branches or electrical lines must be considered.

Q: Will you call me the week of my party?

Yes, We will call you the week of your party, confirm the date and time, and assure that your moonwalk rental is on our schedule.

Q: Can I add Tables and Chairs after?

Yes, of course. We have many, many tables and chairs. As long as you call us before the driver leaves, we can load them on. We also have concession equipment and supplies for additional added fun. Don’t forget the tents.

Q: What happens if it rains on the day of my party?

Angel Bouncers does not want to ruin your party anymore than you do. So, if it is raining on the day of your party, and you call us before your unit is delivered you can get a full refund of your deposit or you can choose to reschedule. We will issue you a rain check for your deposit that is good for one year. If you do not cancel before your moonwalk rental is delivered, then you will be responsible for paying for the moonwalk rental.

Q: How many Children can Jump at one time?

The number of children depends on the age group. Industry dictates the following for safety. A 13′ x 13′ moonwalk: for children under the age of 8 years old; no more than 8 children at one time. For children 9-12: no more than 6 children at one time. Adults and teens: no more than 3 at one time. A 15′ x 15′ moonwalk: under 8 years old; no more than 10 children at one time. For children 9-12: no more than 8 children at one time. Adults and teens: no more than 5 at one time. A 16′ x 16′ moonwalk: Under 8 years old: no more than 12 children at one time. For children 9-12: no more than 10 children at one time. Adults and teens: no more than 5 at one time. Our single lane Slip-N-Slide is designed for one person at a time on the sliding surface. Waterslides are typically designed for one to two sliders at a time, depending on the width of the sliding surface.

Q: I want to have a party at the Park… What can you tell me?

Some parks do not require a moonwalk rental company to have a insurance policy. First, call them and ask… Some parks require a $1M insurance policy; others require only $500K and some do not require any at all. Memorial Park, for example, required $1M. That means they (the park) require an insurance policy to be issued with the park being named (protecting them from being sued should someone get hurt on their premises during your party). We do not offer this protection, thus we have all of our customers sign a Release of Liability waiver.

Another thing to watch for when you have a party at a park: is there electricity? You must have an electrical connection to use your moonwalk rental. So make sure you can “plug-in” somewhere. Otherwise, you will need to rent a generator (unless, of course, you have one of suitable size already).

Q: What should we do to get ready for our moonwalk?

The first thing I like to tell people is, “measure.” Make sure you know where you want your moonwalk rental, and make sure there is enough room. Also, make sure your outside plug is working. That means, plug something in and test it. We need electricity within 100 feet minimum. The second thing is, mow your lawn the day before, not the same day or the morning. It will help keep the moonwalk clean for your kids’ enjoyment. Also, if you have a dog, please clean the yard of any waste before we come. It will help to keep the smell in check while your kids are in the back jumping. If you have a waterslide rental, don’t water your lawn for a few days (or maybe even the whole week) before your party. Waterslides use a lot of water, and if your grass needs it, it will absorb it a lot better if it is dry.


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